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840nm SLED BroadbandLight Source

An 840nm SLED BroadbandLight Source is a device that emits light over a wide range of wavelengths centered around 840nm. It is commonly used in applications such as optical coherence tomography (OCT), fiber optic sensing, and spectroscopy.

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Product Description

An 840nm SLED BroadbandLight Source is a versatile device that emits a broad spectrum of light centered around the wavelength of 840nm. SLEDs are semiconductor-based devices that combine the characteristics of laser diodes and light-emitting diodes (LEDs). They are widely used in various applications such as optical coherence tomography (OCT), fiber optic sensing, spectroscopy, and biomedical imaging.

The 840nm wavelength range is particularly beneficial in applications that require high resolution and deep tissue penetration. In OCT imaging, for example, the 840nm SLED light source provides excellent depth resolution and imaging quality. It enables non-invasive imaging of biological tissues with high resolution, making it valuable in ophthalmology, dermatology, and other medical fields.

The broadband nature of the light emitted by the 840nm SLED allows for a wide range of applications. Unlike lasers that emit at a single wavelength, the SLED emits light over a broader spectrum, typically several tens of nanometers wide. This broad spectrum is advantageous in spectroscopy applications, where it allows for the simultaneous detection of multiple wavelengths or absorption peaks.

In fiber optic sensing, the 840nm SLED can be used in conjunction with fiber Bragg gratings or other sensing elements to measure various physical parameters such as strain, temperature, or pressure. The broad spectrum enables multiplexing of multiple sensors along the same fiber, increasing the sensing capabilities and efficiency.

The 840nm SLED light source offers several advantages over traditional light sources. It provides high optical power output with low coherence, which is particularly useful in applications where interference effects need to be minimized. The low coherence also allows for longer coherence lengths, enabling imaging of deeper tissue layers in OCT or enhancing the performance of interferometric sensing systems.

Furthermore, SLEDs are compact, robust, and reliable devices. They have a longer operational lifetime compared to laser diodes and do not require complex cooling systems. These characteristics make the 840nm SLED light source suitable for portable and field-deployable applications.

In summary, the 840nm SLED broadband light source is a versatile and powerful tool for various applications. Its broad spectrum emission, high optical power output, low coherence, and compact design make it well-suited for OCT imaging, fiber optic sensing, spectroscopy, and other fields that require high-resolution imaging, multiplexing, and precise measurements.

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