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L-band(1570~1603nm)EDFA Amplifier

Box Optronics owns the factory and supports L-band(1570~1603nm)EDFA Amplifier customized.
Wavelength optional: 1570nm-1603nm
Output power customized: 27dBm, 30dBm, 35dBm, 37dBm, 40dBm or other
The L-band high-power polarization maintaining erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EYDFA-HP) is based on the laser amplification principle of optical signal in erbium-doped fiber, using a unique multi-stage optical amplification design and reliable high-power laser heat dissipation technology, to achieve high-power laser output in the 1570~1605nm wavelength range. With high power and low noise, it can be used in fiber optic communication, Lidar,etc.

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Product Description

1.Ordering information
EYDFA EDFA Type Wavelength Output power Fiber type Dimension
High power Er
Fiber Amplifier
HP-BA: High power
L: L-band 27: 27dBm
30: 30dBm
35: 35dBm
37: 37dBm
40: 40dBm
PM: PM Fiber M: Module
B: Benchtop

Own factory, support customized.
Hot: L-band(1570~1603nm)EDFA Amplifier

2.Features of L-band(1570~1603nm)EDFA Amplifier
High output power( 10W);
High gain factor;
Full polarisation-maintaining light path.

3.Applications of L-band(1570~1603nm)EDFA Amplifier
Optical fiber communication;
Optical fiber sensor;
Fiber laser.

4.Electro-Optical Characteristics
Parameters Unit Values Notes
Operating wavelength nm 1570~ 1605 Customized
Input power dBm -6~+10
Saturated output power dBm 27/30/33/35/37/40 @0dBm Input
Adjustable range of output power - 10%~ 100%
Noise figure dB <6.0 @0dBm Input
Polarization dependent gain dB <0.5
Polarization mode dispersion ps 0.5
Polarization extinction ratio dB 23(Type), 20(Min)
Input/Output isolation dB >35
Fiber type - PM1550
Connector - FC/APC Just for power test
Operating mode - ACC/APC
Dimensions 27/30/33/35dBm mm 260(W)×320(D)×120(H) Benchtop
37/40dBm 360(W )×350( D)×120( H) Benchtop
27/30/33/35dBm 125(W )×150( D)×30( H) Module
37/40dBm 139(W )×235( D)×70( H) Module
Power supply V AC 110~240V , <150W@25℃ Benchtop

Lead time: 2-3 weeks after we received your payment.
If urgently needed, please ask if it's in stock.

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