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1030nm DFB Laser Source Module

Box Optronics owns the factory and supports 1030nm DFB Laser Source customized.
Wavelength optional: 1030nm or other
Output power customized: 50mW or other
1030nm DFB laser source adopts butterfly semiconductor laser chip, professionally designed drive circuit and TEC control to ensure safe operation of the laser, stable output power and spectrum. Suitable as a pump laser source for fiber lasers or EDFA fiber amplifiers, it can be provided in a desktop or modular package

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Product Description

1.Ordering information
Laser type Wavelength Output power Fiber type Connector Dimension
Fiber Laser 1030: 1030nm 50: 50mW SM: Hi1060
PM: PM980
FA: FC/APC B: Benchtop
M: Module

Own factory, support customized.
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2.Features of 1030nm DFB Laser Source Module
High output power;
Power and spectral stability;
Module or Benchtop package;
Color LCD status display.

3.Applications of 1030nm DFB Laser Source Module
Fiber laser pumping;
Erbium-doped fiber amplifier;
Nonlinear optics research.

4.Electro-Optical Characteristics
Parameters Unit Values Notes
Operating wavelength nm 1030±3
Output power mW 50
Spectral width (FWHM) MHz 45
Operating current
Power instability(Short-term 15mins) dB ≤ ±0.02
Power instability(Long-term 8hours) dB ≤ ±0.05
Connector - FC/APC
Fiber type - Hi1060/PM980
Dimensions mm 195(W)×220(D)×120(H) Benchtop
150(W )×125(D)×20(H) Module
Power supply V AC 110~240V , <20W Benchtop
DC 5V/4A , <15W Module
Power dissipation W ≤ 60
Operating temperature -5 ~ +55
Storage temperature -40 ~ +85

Lead time: 2-3 weeks after we received your payment.
If urgently needed, please ask if it's in stock.

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